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Updating Automotive Maps Garmin

To update automotive maps, we recommend using Garmin Express software.

However, if you encounter any error while updating automotive maps, check out the steps below:

Install Garmin Express

Before you download Garmin Express on your Windows or Mac device, make sure your system meets the following requirements:

WindowsMac OS /OS X
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer,
  •  1024 x 768 display,
  • USB port, and 1 GB RAM
  • May require up to 20 GB free disk space
  • High-speed Internet access
  • OS X 10.10 or newer
  • 1440 x 900 display,
  • USB port, and 1 GB RAM
  • May require up to 20 GB free disk space
  • High-speed Internet access

Note: If your device lacks any of these essentials, you’ll not be able to download Garmin Express. Need help- contact GPS express Support team for help.

Connect Device to Your Computer

Using appropriate data USB cable (we recommend using one- provided by Garmin) connect your Garmin device to computer.

For connection or map update problems concerning Garmin Nuvi, see troubleshooting steps to fix Garmin Nuvi update software/map issues.

In case, you don’t have the cable or due to any other reason-if your USB gets damaged- you must consult the device experts and find out what cable your device requires.

Launch Garmin Express

After your download and install Garmin Express, please launch the program.

In case of Windows OS, you may use one of the three ways to launch Garmin Express:

  1. Type ‘Garmin Express’ in Windows Start search field.
  2. Open the system tray and double-click the Garmin Express icon.
  3. In case, you have a Garmin Express shortcut on your screen, double-click on it.

For Mac OS, please follow the steps as follows:

  1. Open Garmin Express software from the Applications folder in Finder.

Note: The Finder icon’s location may vary according to Dock’s position.

Can’t Download Garmin Nuvi for your Device?

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Download Garmin Automotive Map Updates

  1. While you’re trying to register your automotive device on Garmin Express, make sure your GPS device is connected to computer.
  2. This device connection should be left untouched unless the map update process complete on your automotive GPS device.
  3. In case, you disconnect the device, shut down your laptop, or interfere in any way into the Garmin automotive map update process, you will get errors like Garmin Express not working, unexpected map update error

Important: Your device must have enough space to install the download Garmin map updates on automotive GPS device. Else, you will get a prompt to insert a micro SD card, or install a smaller region map.

You may download Garmin Automotive maps using myGarmin account as well.

Map Update Support

Troubled by automotive map update? Do not give up else, you may be stuck somewhere on the road while traveling? Just pick up your phone and make a call to Map update support team to leave all your worries at their end.

With the best solutions and experts, we assure that you will get a relevant answer to your issue @855-864-5666.

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