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  • Frequent Hang incidents
  • Routing Errors
  • Compatibility issues with devices and incorrect routing

Garmin Aviation Map Updates

Do you want automatic Aviation Database Alerts, Data Error Report, System Status, Update Schedule, or Database Declarations?

Then, login flyGarmin accounts, do a necessary purchase, and follow the below-defined steps to fix all the error reports and data.

  1. To update aviation databases first, add your device to flyGarmin account. It only takes a moment.
  2. Click on ‘Start here’ link at the top-right corner and choose your Garmin Aviation device from the list.
  3. Next, provide your aviation device serial number to get compatible and database updates.
  4. Then, type the aircraft details in which you’re accessing Garmin aviation device.

These required fields are Aircraft registration (tail number), aircraft make/model/ series, aircraft name, serial number, and year of model.

  1. Click on ‘Add device and aircraft’ button to navigate onto next

If you can’t find your Aviation Garmin device in the list, ask Map update Support team for help.

  1. Provide aircraft profile on the page and click add
  2. In case, you want to buy the database- click on the related button on same
  3. Now, select the aircraft and Garmin aviation device- you want the database for.
  4. Choose the region on map i.e., where do you fly! You will get all the necessary bundles, annual subscriptions, and single updates for individual databases.
  5. Finally, make your choice and proceed to the cart, where you need to type your shipping information, make payment, and confirm your order.

To update Garmin aviation device software, you may even download web updater. In case, you need relating help, please refer Garmin web updater troubleshooting.

Can’t Download Garmin Nuvi for your Device?

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Other Important Points to Remember

Whether you download and install new Aviation map or update the database of already installed map- following tips will be helpful in all the processes:

  1. One flyGarmin account is enough to manage all your Aviation devices and system.
  2. In case, it’s your first time- click on ‘Create One’ link else existing user can simply go to ‘Sign in’.
  3. If your Aviation device/ system added to flyGarmin is panel mounted device then, you need to link it with the aircraft. If you have already provided aircraft info- it will appear below the device.
  4. There is a separate and compatible database for each product profile. Thus, be cautious while you add the information of Garmin Aviation device and aircraft.
  5. You may edit the aircraft or Aviation device info at any stage.
  6. This added information- also help you get any data error report and fix it with effective troubleshooting.
  7. Any recent database alert or update schedule can also be received- after you click on added device/ system.

Aviation Map Support

We provide Aviation map update troubleshooting service for all models. So, if you need any help concerning your flygarmin account, contact GPS device support team @855-864-5666.

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