Download Garmin Map Updates Using Chromebook

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Process & troubleshooting steps for:

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Garmin Map Updates Chromebook

Planning for next tour? Tried to have a current list of mapped roads and highways on your Garmin device but failed?

Then, see the troubleshooting steps, system requirements, and most importantly- the tips to avoid any similar problem from sprouting in near future.

Requirements for Garmin map updates- Using Chromebook

Ensure- you meet the following prerequisites before starting with map updates on your Chromebook:

  • A Chromebook
  • High-speed Internet
  • Garmin GPS device
  • A Micro SD card
  • An Ethernet Cable

All the essentials are mandatory if you want to complete Garmin map updates process.

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How do I Update Garmin maps using Chromebook?

Follow the steps defined ahead to complete your map updates Garmin on device:

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

  1. Connect your Garmin GPS device to the Chromebook via Bluetooth or mini USB cable.
  2. Once your device gets connected, the update prompts should begin automatically.

If you are trying the steps for the first time, login Garmin account manually before starting.

Step 2: Download and Install Garmin Express

  1. Ensure that Garmin Express is installed on your computer.
  2. Click on Garmin express download button to initiate the process of installation.
  3. Once the accurate file downloads, click install button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 3: Access or purchase Map updates

Now it’s time to install your updates.

  1. If Garmin Express hasn’t already opened on your computer after installing, see how to fix Garmin express not working
  2. Next, check your internet connection and confirm that it is working properly. Else, first you need to fix Garmin express server issue.
  3. Then, click “Add a Device” and locate your GPS.
  4. Register your GPS device with the app and click “Select All” for the available updates to install on your device.

Note: You may even purchase the lifetime updates, using Garmin express (if available).

Step 4: Disconnect your Garmin device

Once you finish installing the free updates, click on “Eject” to safely disconnect your device and unplug the USB cable.

Step 5: Install Garmin map updates on GPS device

  1. Turn on your GPS device and click on Install updates option to finally begin the process.

Note: The map updates may take several minutes to complete. Moreover, the device may restart several times during the process. So, maintain PATIENCE!!

Map Update Support

Hope the steps above help you. In case, you need any sort of Garmin map updates help concerning Chromebook, then feel free to call map update support team @1-888-573-0071.

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