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Solved: Garmin GPS won’t turn on [Steps] | +1-888-573-0071

If your Garmin GPS won’t turn on despite several attempts then, read this post!

Here, you’ll find basic as well as advanced solutions that will surely help you turn on your Garmin GPS device.

Garmin GPS wont turn on

A Summary of what is Included in this Troubleshooting Guide

  • Garmin GPS not opening post Device update:

    Ensure the plug is ejected or pulled safely- else, the update file may get corrupt. If still the Garmin GPS doesn’t turn on- manually delete the installed update and go for its reinstall.

Garmin GPS won't turn on

  • Bought New Garmin device and Trouble turning on Garmin GPS:

    Check the motherboard, display screen, and charger of your Garmin device. In case, the GPS device hardware has no faults- try reset Garmin GPS to fix the error.

garmin device not turning on

  • Garmin GPS stopped working after New GPS Map Install:

    Corrupt map file due to malware or incomplete install or download- trigger this issue. Therefore, compare the map file size, scan it before install, and check whether the map file is compatible with your device or not!

  • Post-Garmin Map update- GPS Garmin won’t come on:

During update- some of the Garmin map units get transferred with the known issue- so, perform a Garmin GPS reinstall with caution. Corrupt Garmin USB driver can also cause your Garmin GPS turns off unexpectedly.

  • Garmin GPS fails to turn on, even while it’s plugged in: Try charging Garmin device in a different outlet, ensure the temperature is within conducive range, and lastly go for master reset in case- the hardware is perfect!

If you feel your problem isn’t listed here, contact the professionals of Garmin GPS to help you search for the solution!

Garmin GPS not opening post Device update

After completing Garmin device firmware update, Is still your Garmin GPS refuses to turn on?

Don’t PANIC!!

Simply, follow these steps and troubleshoot your problem.

  • To begin, confirm->whether your Garmin device is charged or not. In fact, recall the last time you charged the device. If in case, you just did it- implement the master reset process.
  • For the hard reset, disconnect your Garmin device from the power outlet.
  • Then, press and hold the power button at the lower-right corner of the device. Simultaneously, keep your finger on the device screen and wait patiently for the device display.

Important: Remember, the process will erase all the data, once you click “Yes” on the prompted instructions. (Do not ignore or skip the step)

  • Next, follow on-screen instructions to reboot your Garmin device. By this, any software issue prevailing over the Garmin GPS will fade away.

Note: Garmin GPS reset is essential to clear all the software issues that prevent “Reboot.”

  • Lastly, if Garmin GPS still not working->make sure the GPS antenna is plugged in properly.
  • However, the Garmin GPS not opening post update is also triggered due to no GPS reception at your current location. So, ensure there’s a strong GPS signal in your area.

In case, your attempt to perform a reset of any kind has been unsuccessful- then, delete the Garmin GPS device update and reinstall it.

  • To do so, reset your Garmin GPS device (as stated above) and connect it with the computer or laptop using a USB
  • Next, download Garmin Express on PC. Once the software launches, register your Garmin device to search for the latest updates available for your device.
  • In case, you can’t see the Map update dashboard, click on the Home icon at the top-left corner of the Express software window. Later, click on “Install” button to update your device.

Note: During the device update, don’t unplug your Garmin GPS and wait patiently for the process to complete. Additionally, ensure a safe ejection of your Garmin GPS once, the device firmware update completes.

Still cannot open Garmin GPS? Ask Garmin Support team

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Bought New Garmin device and Trouble turning on Garmin GPS

Right away get started with the troubleshooting of ‘Garmin GPS not working’ reasons.

Corrupt Garmin USB Driver

Generally, Garmin Nuvi devices like Garmin Nuvi 30, 40, and 50 or their embedded applications fail to reboot due to corrupt Garmin’s USB driver. So, when Garmin GPS not responding to your commands- Update Garmin Nuvi software and devices.

  • To commence, download Garmin’s USB driver for Windows/Mac and pre-load it on your device. Note: Make sure you also update any old version- if present.

However, if the update or install of these drivers fail- checkout the .NET framework installed on your device!

Incompatible .NET Framework

  • If you’re using an old or some incompatible .NET framework on your Garmin device- immediately update it with the latest and compatible framework required for your Garmin GPS device.
  • Other than this, install a Windows media player 11 or greater- in case you are working via the Windows operating system.

Improper Installation of Map on Garmin Device

Newly purchased Garmin device doesn’t imply the correct map installation on your device.

No doubt, it’s rare but still doesn’t take chance by leaving this troubleshoot!

Switching to its resolution, you must know that partial Garmin Map download or install- won’t let your Garmin GPS turn on unless fixed.

Therefore, to get out of this trouble:

  • Connect your Garmin device or memory card to the computer or laptop. Next, download Garmin Mapinstall on your system.
  • When you launch the Mapinstall software, select the PC connected device from the drop-down of ‘Device’ option and click ‘Next’ button.
  • The grey rectangle shows the map region that you can select. However, you may even select the whole map using drag-drop option. If you have any other map to install, simply go to the drop-down box and select any map from the list you want to install on your Garmin GPS device.
  • Once selected, click “Next” to finish the Map install process.
  • Your maps will begin to download on your Garmin GPS device or micro SD card connected to the PC.

Note: Wait patiently for the process to complete as the time to download and install Garmin maps on your GPS device depends on the number and size of maps.

Important: After Mapinstall software download completes, don’t forget to scan the .exe file.

In case, you are unable to install maps or face any other error concerning ‘Garmin GPS not turning ON’ then, reach out the GPS Support online for help.

Faulty Hardware

Make sure- you check the hardware of Garmin GPS device as they may also trigger ‘Garmin GPS won’t turn on’ issue.

In detail, ensure your Micro SD card is not loose or placed improperly, device batteries are charged to supply enough power to the GPS device, and Garmin motherboard isn’t damaged. In case, you suspect any hardware issue with your Garmin GPS device, contact the manufacturer or retailer for its immediate replacement.

Garmin GPS stopped working after New GPS Map Install

Finished installing new Garmin map on the device!

Even the GPS device startup seems fine unless the error “Can’t authenticate map” doesn’t prompt on-screen.

Troubled by same or somewhat similar problem- where you can’t turn on Garmin GPS on your device?

Then, right away use these troubleshooting steps:

  • With no backup file and deleted .gma file- the best way to now recover is by using the clone Start with the desired Garmin map download on Mapinstall software. By this, you’ll get all three types of files (.img, .gma, .uni) in your system folder of SD card.
  • Delete the old gmap files in system folder on your Garmin GPS device and copy these new files onto the system folder.
  • However, if you can’t locate any of these files (mentioned above) in your GPS device, go to folder options in Windows Explorer and select the radio button: ‘Display all hidden files and folders’ to make it visible.
  • In case, you still can’t find the system folder or gmap file,
    • Start your Garmin GPS device and navigate to Volume screen.
    • Next, press the upper-right corner of screen for 10 seconds unless “Developers Screen” pop up.
    • Then, select MTP settings and change your selection from AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE.
    • Lastly, click on OK button and restart your Garmin GPS device to connect it in the mass storage mode.

Note: You may even press and hold the Speedometer on dashboard screen of Garmin GPS device to access developer screen.

  • By now, you’ll definitely see the system folder and old Gmap file on your device. Delete the one with old date and start your device again. The error will no more display on-screen.
  • Finally, try the Mapinstall software to reinstall the map you wanted on your device. (For detailed steps, check out the resolution [given above] in Improper Installation of Map on Garmin Device)

If still, Garmin GPS won’t Turn On,

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Post-Garmin Map update- GPS Garmin won’t come on

After successful Garmin Map update on Garmin device, if you are troubled by an issue- where GPS on the maps does not load or open, then follow the instructions defined ahead for assistance:

  • Check- whether the updated map data is corrupt and replace it immediately. Also, recall- if you have safely ejected your Garmin device after the Garmin GPS map update completes!
  • However, if you didn’t eject the device midway of Garmin map update process, then reinstall Garmin Express software and before it- ensure that your device battery is fully charged.
  • In case, you are using a duplicate USB charger, then also most likely your Garmin Express is killing the GPS application in device. So, ensure you have an original USB adapter.
    Read guide Garmin express not working if you have issue with express software.
  • You may even try to reinstall the older Garmin GPS on your device by performing a hard reset on Garmin device. Again, here-if you aren’t able to reboot your Garmin GPS or the device, then unplug all the other connected devices, try a malware scan using PC, try to get in device app with safe mode, and lastly- use system restore method.
  • The DAB traffic service can also lock up your Garmin GPs thus, causing your Garmin GPS not to turn on. In case, you get into any such trouble then wither wait patiently for the next device update or roll-back to previous Garmin firmware update.

Other Advanced Solution:

  • Sometimes, even after downloading GPS maps, they don’t get upload into the GPS unit. So for this, you must fix the map installer first.
  • Next, reconnect your GPS device with computer and let the Garmin maps load on your Once this process completes successfully, you can see a green progress line along with a message -“yes the new map is completely installed and the GPS unit is ready to be used.”
  • In case, you can see the light but not the message-ask Support team for immediate help.
  • Last but not least, go to Garmin device settings and check if the updated Garmin map is installed on your device or not! Also, ensure that the checkbox next to installed maps is checked.

If need help for these troubleshooting steps of ‘Garmin GPS will not turn on’ error-

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We have separate guide for map unlock read “Solved: Cannot Unlock Map Garmin – Unlock Garmin maps

Garmin GPS won’t turn on even while it’s plugged in

When your Garmin GPS not powering On, there could be multiple reasons associated with it. So, check those causes one-by-one unless your device is fixed.

Dead Batteries

If you just bought your Garmin GPS device, plug it in the charger (as the device may not be charged). However, if you have fully charged your GPS device but it couldn’t hold the charge for long and turns off or simply refuses to turn on when you take out the power supply. The situation indicates you need to replace the batteries of your GPS device.

Misfit or Corrupted Micro SD card

In your newly bought Garmin device, if the inserted Micro SD card is loose or not well placed in the given slot- remove the SD card once and try to turn on the device. If it works, then your Micro SD card is the reason. Thus, try once to re-insert it properly. If the GPS turns on, you are good to go else your SD card has gone bad and you need to get a new one for you.

Bad Garmin GPS Logic Board

Garmin GPS V Logic Board is the rectangular plastic closed case having all buttons and display controls. Having any fault in this logic board could result in ’Garmin GPS not turning on.’ You can’t do anything about it, seek expert’s advice/services to get it to repair or replace.

Check the Power Outlet

Examine the power outlet and make sure it is working and supplying enough power to connect the devices. Otherwise, use some other power outlet to plug in the GPS device power cable. Any problem in power supply may not let the device batteries get charged.

Check power cable

Make sure the GPS device power cable is in proper working condition and is supplying power seamlessly from the power outlet to the device. Having any cracks in the power cable may result in delayed or no charging of the GPS device at all.

Check the device charging jack

Loose/displaced or broken charging jack of the Garmin GPS device wouldn’t let the device charge anyhow. Check if the charging jack is seated well and is not moving while inserting the power cable in it. In case, you find it loose or broken, then get it repair or replace.

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