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Going on an adventurous trip with friends on solo surely sounds one of the best things to do. However, think of the same situation, but put yourself in the position of your loved ones. Now you have started to worry a little about your loved ones and how you are going to communicate to them especially when they are going to a remote location where mobile networks are not available. But remind that for every device you need to Update it for that Garmin Updates are for you.

This is the same worry that most of the family members face at some point in their life. Having only the whereabouts of the person can keep them calm as at least they know that you are alright and safe.

In order to help all such people, get rid of their worry, there is an awesome gadget known as garmininReach explorer+. This gadget is a GPS communicator which gives constant updates to the people allowing them to know about your whereabouts.

Now you must be thinking that you already have a mobile phone with GPS feature so why to have an additional gadget for the same as hiking is all about carrying minimum stuff. You are right about carrying minimum stuff, but you should know that smartphone’s GPS only works with an internet connection. However, Garmin inReach does not require any additional network to work. All it needs is the Global Positioning System and you are good to go.

garmin inreach

Features of Garmin inReach

GPS Navigation

One of the key features of this device is having GPS service along with the navigation feature. When you are using this device, then you are sure that you will never be lost on your path. In addition to that, the Garmin inReach explorer allows you to set a route ensuring that you go on the right track.


When you are on a hiking adventure, then the most worried people will be the ones who love you. Garmin inReach not only uses the GPS for navigation, but you can also share your location to people of your choice. Moreover, you can set the time intervals for sharing the details and let them see your real-time location.

Two-Way Communication

For people who overthink a lot, mere knowing the location is insufficient. The Garmin comes with an option of two-way communication with text messages and emails as well. You can send and receive text messages and emails while using your GPS communicator without using any additional gadget. This device uses the Iridium satellite network which allows you to send custom as well as preset text messages.

Several Subscription Plans

Garmin inReach device requires a subscription plan to provide the best in class services. Unlike any provider, the Garmin inReach subscription comes with different plans and options serving the needs of people with different choices. All you have to do is pick the right one for yourself and you are good to go. You can go with Garmin inReach mini-plans as well.


There is no denying the fact that hiking can be dangerous, and emergency can occur anytime. Finding help in a place where only a few or no people are there is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Garmin inReach- is the gadget you need in this scenario. It has an SOS feature which sends a message to GEOS which is a global monitoring response centre to ensure that help arrive to you as soon as possible. By sending the message, it will assign a professional who will track your device and communicate with the local response team to keep you safe and reach your location. In addition to that, it will provide constant updates to your emergency contacts.

Works with Other Garmin Devices and Smartphones

To enhance the overall experience of Garmin inReach, you can connect the device to your smartphone via mobile app. With this application, you will be able to know your routes, accurate location, Garmin inReach subscription, and control your waypoints. Apart from that, this device is compatible with other Garmin gadgets including watches and marine chartplotters ensuring you get the best experience from the device.

Weather Updates

When going on adventures, the major thing that should be in your favour is the weather. If it is good, then you will have very little to no problems during your journey. On the other hand, if the weather is not pleasant, it can cause major hindrance. The Garmin inReach allows you to know about the weather report of the present-day along with future reports as well.

What are Garmin Plans?

Along with the Garmin inReach, you need an additional subscription to use the device to the fullest. Different Garmin inReach plans offer different features and pricing. Garmin believes in providing flexibility to the users while picking their subscription plans.

Monthly Plans

Monthly plans also known as Garmin inReach mini-plans are the most preferred by people who use the device only a few times a year. In this subscription plan, you only pay for monthly service of the device. During the subscription, you have to option to cancel it whenever you don’t require it giving a flexibility option to the user. If you are a traveller who goes on seasonal tours or single adventures, then this plan is perfect for you.

Annual Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is for people who want to subscribe to the service for the entire year. People who go hiking or adventurous trips multiple times a year should; surely go for these Garmin inReach plans rather than the monthly plan. When you pay a cumulative amount for the entire year then the average monthly cost of the device is lower as compared to the monthly plan. Annual plans not only save your money but keeps you ready for your adventures always saving you from the risks of adventurous trips as well.

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