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Update Garmin Golf Courses & Device Software

Here, we will explain you how to update your courses on Garmin golf devices.

Alongside, we will also provide solutions for most common issues that may arise while you update Garmin free maps and golf courses.

But, before getting into the troubleshooting steps- note down what all you need to complete this Golf course map update process.

Garmin Gold Course Map Update Requires:

  1. Garmin Golf device with battery fully charged
  2. Its USB cable, and
  3. A compatible Computer or laptop

Other than this, you need a stable and high-speed Internet.

Steps to update Garmin Gold Courses & Device Software

  1. Start by using a USB cable and plug it inside the computer.
  2. Now, take the other end of the cable and attach it to the Garmin golf device.
  3. Now, open website and download Garmin express program compatible for your computer or laptop.
  4. In case, you have troubles accessing the download, press CTRL+J at the same time on your keyboard and get the access to all recent download.
  5. Then, follow the on-screen prompt to complete the installation.
  6. Launch Garmin express program, and add a device. In case, device not found error prevails- see how to fix Garmin Express device not found.
  7. Here, you’ll be able to register your Garmin golf device.

If you get stuck during this step, learn to fix Garmin express registration error.

  1. To register your device, use the same ID as that of your Garmin account. In case, you don’t have one- then, create a new one.
  2. You may also give a nickname to your Garmin device.

Note: If your Garmin device has a tracking feature, you need to share the related information on the registration screen.

  1. Next, select your data collection preference and get all the available updates for your device on the Express

If you can’t see the map updates or find that the update doesn’t respond, consult Garmin map update troubleshooting for the answer.

  1. If prompted, update your Garmin golf device. However, before the update initiates, click on Accept and Continue button.

Note: The download may take plenty of extended time.

Important: DO not unplug the Garmin golf device unless the update completes.

  1. Finally, make sure you eject the Garmin before unplugging.
  2. Your device will prompt you to install the update.
  3. So, start your Garmin golf device and select the Install now button to complete the process.

With this, you get the updated Gold course on your device. The process to update the device firmware is also same.

In case, you can’t complete the process due to any error or obstacle- refer free Garmin GPS map update section for the solution.

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Alternative Method to Update Garmin Golf Courses

For this process, you need to Install Garmin Course View Updater on your computer instead of Garmin Express.

  1. To download Garmin Course view updater, open the link:
  2. Next, connect your Garmin Golf device to computer using USB
  3. Then, start Course View Updater and follow-on screen instructions to complete the process.

Important: You can also download and install Garmin Golf Course with Garmin Connect App.

In case, you need help for this method as well- then, Contact our Map Update Support team @855-864-5666 and get our class-apart services at your fingertips.

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