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Facing issue with Garmin map updates on Linux-

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Garmin Map Update: Linux

Many users believe that you can only update Garmin maps using Windows and Mac OS.

However, to your surprise- here are a few steps that will help you download free Garmin map updates on Linux. Later, you can move and install these map updates on your Garmin device.

So, without wasting your time, let’s get started with the fix to Garmin map update on Linux.

How do I update Garmin Maps using Linux?

Steps to download and install Garmin map updates on device:

  1. Open any browser window on your system.
  2. Type in the URL field of your window.
  3. Select the Region to get the relevant and compatible map updates for your Garmin device.
  4. If your device has an available update, then click on that particular link.
  5. Next, login myGarmin account using Garmin username and password.
  6. Later, install Garmin webupdater Plugin on your system.
  7. Now, connect your Garmin device to the computer.
  8. Your device will start scanning for available updates.

But- WAIT!! Before you install Garmin map update on your device, check for the following precautionary steps:

  1. Turn ON your Garmin navigation device.
  2. Then, click on “Tools” icon and go to “Settings”.
  3. Next, tap on Map icon and Info button to check the status.

If you find the map version same as that of an available update, then you need not update your device.

Also, check that your Garmin GPS software is not outdated. Else, download Garmin web updater and install the latest firmware for your GPS device.

Can’t Download Garmin Nuvi for your Device?

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Set of instructions to help you update Garmin maps:

  1. Plug one end of USB cable into your Garmin GPS unit and another end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Install the Garmin Communicator plugin for your Web browser.
  3. Then, login Garmin account and click on myGarmin on the right side of the screen.
  4. Next, click on “MyDashboard” and then on the “Map Downloads” link.
  5. Select Linux operating system and the Garmin Communicator will search and display all the available map updates for your GPS device.
  6. Download the available Garmin map updates and click on “Launch Download Manager” and save the update file to your hard drive.
  7. Once the file is downloaded, install the map update on your connected Garmin device.

With this, your process to download and install Garmin map update using Linux will complete.

You may even update Garmin maps and software on Linux OS via Bluetooth feature. If you have already tried but failed to do so then, learn to fix Garmin Bluetooth connection issue.

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