Garmin map update 2015

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Download Free Garmin Map Updates 2015

If you are looking to download free Garmin map updates 2015 on your GPS device, use open source.

Confused….how- can you download free maps to your GPS device that too without using Garmin express or myGarmin account.

Well, then see the steps below and learn how you can install Garmin map update that saves a lot of money since you don’t have to purchase the map update.

Here, we present step-by-step instructions for same:

  1. Open Street Map Website:
  2. Next, select your map type from the list.
  3. Then, make your choice, whether you want to download a pre-defined country map update or build your custom one.
  4. Type your Garmin express account email address and request for free Garmin map update 2015.
  5. You’ll receive two emails: first one will tell you about the map update in process and will also, provide you a link that you can check for its status.
  6. And, second one will provide the direct link to free Garmin map update 2015 download.
  7. Click on the link in email and download your map. The file may be named as “”
  8. Transfer this file onto Garmin device SD card or open the folder named “Garmin” on your device. For the second method, copy the above-stated file in Garmin folder and delete its earlier image file in same
  9. In case, you copied the file in SD card, then insert it inside your nuvi GPS device and now, you have your free Garmin 2015 map update on GPS device.

Note: Make sure you insert the card by turning off your Garmin device.

Once the SD card is inserted, then:

  1. Go to setup tab in GPS
  2. Open Map option and click the button “Map information.”
  3. You’ll see the updated version of map in the device.
  4. In case of any map update conflict, click on disable button of the map that is causing the problem.

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Troubleshoot Free Garmin Map Update 2015 Issues

Get solutions to some most common Garmin map update issues below:

  1. Garmin Map update failed Error Message

This error message mainly pops-up when Garmin gets confused because there are more than one map updates available on the screen. And, in case you download incompatible updates- you’ll see an error message on screen.

Also, ensure there is only one image of map update file and the folder is named as “Garmin.”

In case, the Garmin map update still gives an error then, plug-in your GPS device in desktop and check- if the files are on its hard drive or not!

Other than this, if there is another file named “Garmin” then, remove that file (because this is where the conflict is occurring).

  1. Garmin Map Update Error 2

For any other Garmin map update issue, make sure you first delete the old map update image file in Garmin folder because the old file sometimes, contains information that would put the map image into different languages.

Map Update Support

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