Garmin 2017 Map update

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Is Garmin Nuvi Map Updates problem giving you tough time?

Fix Garmin map update Free Download 2017 Issues

Like other Garmin GPS device users, if you are facing Garmin map update free download 2017 error and looking for an immediate and relevant solution- then, you are at the right place for your answer.

Helping you in all ways, our GPS device experts have provided some solutions that you can try and fix your map update issues easily. However, if you find your update Garmin map 2017 problem far tougher for these solutions defined below- then you may take the further solution from the GPS Support team directly.

Hope! You’re able to resolve your free Garmin update map download issue here only.

Requirements for Garmin map update free Download 2017

Before you start with Garmin Map update 2017 steps, ensure- you meet the following prerequisites:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Garmin GPS device
  • A Micro SD card
  • A Computer
  • An Ethernet Cable

All the essentials are mandatory if you want to complete Garmin map update download 2017 with no troubles.

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Steps to Install Garmin map update 2017

This is the simplest tutorial for all our users to download & install Garmin map update 2017 on their device.

  1. link in URL field of any browser window.
  2. Scroll down on the page and check the date mentioned after Map version (below the image file), to confirm that you are downloading the right file.
  3. Now, go to the page top, and select your Garmin map type i.e.,

– Garmin Routable,

– Garmin routable (new style),

– Routable bicycle,

– Generic Nautical (non-routable), or

– Transparent overlay with Elevation contours.


  1. Next, select your preferred region in a country from the drop-down

For instance, if you’re looking for Alaska map update then, click on United States drop-down, and make your choice i.e., Alaska.

  1. As soon as you select the specific region, you can see a link with “Direct map update download.”

Note: You can even add or remove some additional titles during the process.

  1. Click on Map update download link and navigate to another page having map update files.
  2. Make your choice and download map update on device.
  3. Unzipped this download free Garmin map update 2017 file.
  4. Simultaneously, connect GPS or micro SD card of Garmin device.
  5. Open the drive displaying your GPS device and locate the file with name “gmapsupp”.
  6. Delete it and later, copy the new download one in the same location.
  7. Once this completes, restart your Garmin device and you can access the upgraded Garmin maps on your GPS device.

Map Update Support

Hope the steps above help you. However, if you have tried both-manual and automatic ways to download Garmin map updates on your GPS device but failed every time with some error messages then, we recommend contacting the Map Update Support team for the resolution.

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