Garmin 2018 Map update

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How to Download Garmin Map Free Update 2018?

Get free map updates for your 2018 Garmin device in here.

From simple download and install map update steps to troubleshooting toughest Garmin map free update error, there’s everything for our users.

Requirements for Free Garmin Map Update2018 Download

Planning for another trip out of the city? OR Thinking to go for a long ride on an unknown road? Then, before that- please ensure you have updated Garmin map installed on your device.

Otherwise, you might lose your path, end up in traffic jam, or at worse- follow the road that may be closed now.  So, if you don’t want to get into any of these situations- we suggest you update Garmin maps.

To update Garmin maps, you need:

  • Garmin GPS device 2018
  • A Computer or Desktop
  • High-Speed Internet
  • A Micro SD card (optional), if you are updating maps directly

With these essentials, you can now begin with Garmin Map update 2017 download and install.

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How do I Download Garmin Map Free Update 2018?

Not willing to spend money on Garmin map update download? Then, check out the steps below for free Garmin map update 2018 Download & Install:

  1. Open ‘Gmaptool’ website in browser
  2. Click on Maps & POI tab from the list of available tabs.
  3. Next, choose the map update for the country you are looking for. For instance, if you are residing in the S., then select ‘USA OSM auto’ option from the left pane of the window.
  4. Scroll down onto the page- where you can locate certain map update files packed with the program and images in zipped
  5. You can save these files either on your SD card or on device like computer.
  6. The map updates file will be available according to your region.
  7. Download your map update 2018 requirements on the SD card.
  8. Unzip each file and later, connect your GPS device with computer.
  9. Open the GPS device folder on computer and create one sub-folder with the name ‘Garmin’.
  10. Now, copy all the unzipped Garmin free map update files into this newly created Garmin folder.
  11. Once the action completes, eject SD card or your Garmin device from the computer.

Note: In case of card, please insert it into your GPS device.

  1. Restart your GPS device and install Garmin map update free 2018 on your device.
  2. Finally, when all the steps complete successfully, you can access the upgraded Garmin maps on your GPS device.

Errors relating Free Garmin Map update- We Troubleshoot

Unfortunately, if you fail to download /Install Garmin map update free download 2018 on your device- not to worry!

As, we resolve all the software relating map update issues of users accessing Garmin products. Some of the map updates issue, which we’ve already resolved are:

  • Map Update Fails to install
  • Garmin Express Grinds to a halt UPdating Maps
  • New Map Update Problem
  • S. Map update Download Issues
  • Can’t install free map update of Canada Region
  • Map update slow download
  • Unexpected Map Update Error

And, many more….!!

Map Free Update Support Services

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