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Garmin Marine Map Updates

While updating pre-loaded charts on Marine devices, if you get bugs instead of updated software then, get the right solution with experts here!

Note: Most of the Marine supporting devices come with preloaded charts that you can update either by visiting Garmin’s website or by downloading the update on a preprogrammed micro SD card.

How do I Update Garmin Marine map updates?

So, now check out the steps below to update the already added marine charts on your devices:

  1. Open Garmin Express website and click on either:
  • Download for Windows, or
  • Download for Mac

To get the relevant Express program on your system

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts and install Garmin Express software on your device.
  2. Once it installs, launch the program and insert the SD card in your computer or laptop.

In case, your Garmin express doesn’t respond, see how to fix Garmin express not working issue.

  1. Next, click on ‘Add Device’ button in Garmin Express screen to let the program recognize the inserted card of Marine device.
  2. While the card is detecting, click on Sign in button next to “Have Marine devices or charts” to login Garmin Express.

Note: Type your Garmin account credentials to enter the Marine devices update.

In case, your Garmin device cannot detect the device, learn how to resolve Garmin Express device not found issue.

  1. Setup your vessel also with Garmin Express and follow the instructions to register your unit to Garmin vessel.
  2. In case, there’s an update available for your Marine device- Garmin express will notify you.
  3. Moreover, if the available update for Marine device is not free then, under new Chart Guarantee, a fee will also be displayed next to update.

During the process, if Garmin Express displays an Internet connection, see the instructions to resolve Garmin Express server error.

Note: Do not hesitate to purchase the updates as, Garmin will provide a discounted price.

Can’t Download Garmin Nuvi for your Device?

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You may download and install Marine device charts in any of the following given formats:

  • Download Option: By this, you can purchase and then, download the charts on your SD card.

Before you make use of any micro SD card, make sure it has at least 4GB or space. However, the space requirement of card may enlarge based on the update size.

  • Update Card*– Under this format, you will receive a preprogrammed card that includes the update with an SD card adapter, to be inserted into your device.

Note: For download option, you need a high-speed Internet connection.  And, in case of update card- there are chances that you need to keep the card inserted in order to view the updated charts.

*When you insert Update card, an option called- “Update Built-In Map” may display. If your device has enough memory then, you can click on this button to perform the action.

Important: Garmin no longer provides software updates on the update cards.

If you download Garmin Express that’s corrupt- you may end up with more troubles concerning map updates. So, make sure you download Garmin Express from a reliable source.

To avoid any map update issue, you may also refer Garmin map updates troubleshooting. 

Marine Chart Support

If you need help relating software update or get stuck between the Marine chart update process, then ask the Map Update Support team for the troubleshooting steps and get your device back in form.

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