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Garmin Outdoor Map Update

To purchase, download, or update outdoor maps on your Garmin device, please see the troubleshooting steps defined ahead.

Please note that Outdoor maps are paid so, there are high chances that all the available updates will be incurred at certain price.

Begin with Garmin Map Purchase and Update Process  

To download, purchase, and update outdoor Garmin maps, you mainly need 4 things:

  1. An Outdoor Device
  2. A USB Cable
  3. A compatible laptop or computer
  4. High-speed and stable Internet

Hope, you have all the four essentials with you. Now, let’s get STARTED!

Steps to Garmin Outdoor Map Purchase and Update

  1. Start by inserting a large end of the USB cable in the computer. Then, plug the small end in the Garmin outdoor device.
  2. Next, check your Garmin outdoor device. You’ll see the device in mass storage mode. In case, it asks for Base station mode- click NO.
  3. Open Garmin website and select Outdoor maps from the list.
  4. Click on Shop Outdoor maps and select the map and region from the drop-down box to purchase it.
  5. Before you make your purchase, confirm that your device is compatible with the Garmin map update download (you’re looking for).
  6. Review download requirements to check and confirm the space required for the map on your SD card or Garmin device.
  7. Click Add to cart and begin your purchase. After the purchase, install it using Garmin express.
  8. Now, register the device and select your data collection preference.
  9. During the process, login Garmin Express and follow on-screen prompts to install the maps.
  10. Next, click on Tools option and this action, will ask you to login Garmin express again. Use the same credentials to login that you used to purchase maps.
  11. Click ‘Download’ to download the maps.

Note: If the device doesn’t have enough space then, you need to use the SD card to complete the process. Prefer using SD card with 4-32GB size.

Download may take some time. So, do not unplug the device.

And, also make sure to eject Garmin before unplugging it.

Now Update Outdoor Maps Using Garmin Express or myGarmin Account!!

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Steps to Update Outdoor Maps Using MyGarmin Account

  1. Go to myGarmin login screen and type your credentials to Sign in.
  2. After the successful sign in, click on “Register” link under myProducts section.
  3. Select ‘Outdoor Maps’ from the available option and make sure you have one of the following information to perform the map update:
  • Product Serial Number
  • Garmin Product
  • USB cable
  • Garmin Communicator Plugin
  1. In case, you select Product Serial number option, provide the same in field and click on Submit button.
  2. On next window, provide your contact information to complete Product registration and receive all the necessary updates.
  3. In case, the available updates are paid, make your payment first. Else, click on Install DOwnload button and get the update on your device.
  4. Next, eject Garmin and then unplug it. Your device will send a prompt of map
  5. Click on Update option in your Garmin Outdoor device and complete the process.

And. Lastly, logout your myGarmin account in computer.

Important: You may also download Garmin Express to install purchased Garmin map updates on your GOS device.

Outdoor Map Update Support                       

If you still have problem updating your Garmin outdoor maps, contact the Map Update Support team for the genuine solution @+1-888-573-0071.

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